Message Board

The risk assessment message board is a question and answer exchange that is designed to address any questions about the Static-99R or JSORRAT scoring or the legal process. Scorers should first ask the super-trainer within their own organizations for assistance. (Super-trainers are individuals who received direct training from either Dr. Amy Phenix and/or Dr. Douglas Epperson.)  If the super-trainer does not know the answer, he or she may post a question to the message board here [].

If the super-trainers don't know the ORI Login for their agency, they can either e-mail DOJ at to find out the ORI, or they can call the DOJ CLETS Administration Section at (916) 227-3677. Once parole or probation is logged into CLEW, go to the Sex Offender Registration tab to access the Risk Assessment Message Board. If an immediate answer is needed, e-mail SARATSO member Janet Neeley, who can contact the SARATSO expert when necessary.