Treatment providers who score the SARATSO risk tools, and probation/parole/DSH personnel who score the Static-99R, must first learn to score the tool at a SARATSO training, or be taught by a SARATSO-approved trainer. All SARATSO-approved trainers will submit the names of those they have certified to score the tool to the SARATSO Committee, which issues certificates to approved scorers.

Below are the SARATSO trainings currently available. More dates and locations will be added in the near future. Sex offender treatment providers will be given priority for trainings on the SRA-FV and LS/CMI, because they are the scorers on these tools. Probation and parole officers may sign up and be admitted on a space-available basis only.

SARATSO Training Schedule

Static 99R Training

Training Location: Alameda, Ca


Thursday, June 20, 2013 - Renee Rodgers

This class is open to Alameda County Probation only.


Tuition: TBD

Static 99R Training

Training Location: Sacramento, Ca


Tuesday, November 5, 2013 – Michelle Steinberger, Ventura County 


Click here to view the Flyer

Sign up with CPOC, or Fax registration form to 916-442-0850; mail check to CPOC Foundation, 1415 L Street, Ste. 1000, Sacramento, CA 95814


Tuition: $100, STC Cert # 0767-060591

SARATSO Trainers
SARATSO trainers must have been certified as an advanced SARATSO trainer on the Static-99R, SRA-FV or LS/CMI in order to train others to score the tools. SARATSO offers train-the-trainer classes on the tools approximately every two years.


To obtain the official Power Point, case exercises, and test which must be used in training scorers on the Static-99R, contact SARATSO staff at  All Static-99R trainers must use a standardized SARATSO case as the test case for scorers to pass the class and obtain SARATSO certification. If attendees do not pass the test case, they will receive a remediation packet of cases to score after the training.


SARATSO Attendance Form
All SARATSO trainers must use this roster form in order for their classes to be certified as scorers by the SARATSO Committee. Click here. If sign-ups for the class are being taken by the trainer’s agency, this form must be typed and filled out completely by the trainer, then submitted to the Committee within 3 working days. If signups are taken by SARATSO staff for a SARATSO-sponsored class, SARATSO staff will type the roster with the required information and submit it to the trainer prior to the training to fill in pass/fail information. Trainers for all trainings not sponsored directly by SARATSO must also submit $5.00 per attendee to cover the required SARATSO certification and a certificate for each attendee who passes the SARATSO test case for that instrument. The standard SARATSO curriculum and test case must be used whether or not the class is sponsored directly by the SARATSO Committee.


Certified Advanced Trainers ("Super-Trainers") on SARATSO Risk Assessment Instruments


Only certified advanced trainers ("super-trainers) can train scorers who will be certified to score SARATSO risk assessment instruments.  If your agency needs to certify scorers, click the link below to find advanced certified trainers on the instrument.  Only scorers trained by someone on this list will be certified by SARATSO as official scorers.  Probation, parole and DSH personnel who score the Static-99R and JSORRAT-II must be certified scorers.  Treatment providers in programs working with registered sex offenders on parole or probation who score the SRA-FV and LSCMI must be certified scorers.


For the Static-99R, certified advanced trainers("super-trainers) are probation, parole and DSH personnel who were trained by SARATSO expert Dr. Amy Phenix in 2012-2013.  Click here to find a certified advanced SARATSO trainer on the Static-99R.


Further Static-99R scoring classes should be postponed if at all possible until new guidelines are established by the Static-99R advisory group, which will meet in September 2013.

For the SRA-FV and LS/CMI, certified advanced trainers ("super-trainers")  are treatment providers who were trained by Drs. Thornton and D'Orazio on the SRA-FV, and by Dr. Tom O'Connor on the LSCMI, in 2011-2013.  To see a list of SARATSO certified advanced trainers on the SRA-FV and the LSCMI, click here.

For the JSORRAT-II, certified advanced trainers ("super-trainers") are probation and parole officers who were trained by Dr. Douglas Epperson in 2012-2013 and who have regularly scored the JSORRAT-II.  Contact for a list of names of probation officers who are advanced certified trainers willing to train on this tool.

Additional Resources

To see the Materials for Super-Trainers Use in Training Scorers click here!