Risk Instruments

Prior to selecting a risk assessment instrument, the SARATSO Review Committee hears testimony from experts who have authored sex offender risk assessment tools, the public, and many stakeholders in the field of risk assessment. The Review Committee considers all testimony and reviews the presentations in concert with the associated requirements established in Penal Code Section 290.04.

In 2007, the Committee selected the Static-99 as the static risk assessment instrument for adult males, and the JSORRAT-II as the static risk assessment instrument for juvenile males.  In 2008, the Committee chose to use the revised version of the Static-99, the Static-99R, based on new research.  In 2011, the Committee selected a dynamic risk assessment instrument, the SRA-FV (Structured Risk Assessment, Forensic Version),and a violence risk tool, the LS/CMI (Level of Service/Case Management Inventory)  for use by sex offender treatment providers as part of certified sex offender management programs, beginning in July 2012. There is currently no available tool for validated for use with a female sex offender population.

The risk assessment instruments currently adopted by SARATSO are: